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No Macro associated with token

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No macros property has been set for the macro token of index mentioned in the present message.


The origin of the macro token can be of 2 types depending on the token mentioned in this message :


If the token begins with [* then this is token that is in your GridTemplate, or in then Holidays (Multiple) script line property.

If the token begins with [#* then this token comes from the GenTokens Options.

If the message refers to #INCLUDE then this message is generated by the use of the INCLUDE_MACRO directive in one of the macros already used in the script.


This macro token will be ignored when generating this script. All occurrences of this token will be replaced by blanks. No run-time messages will be generated.




Modify Macros used: Opens the macros property editor, so you can associate another macro with the current token, or activate it.

Modify template file name: Opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress or InDesign, so you can modify the tokens used.

Select another Template: Lets you choose another GridTemplate.


Topic 108108, last updated on 18-May-2023