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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines.


This property tells Q++Studio which scanned template you wish to use for the current DiaryGridLine.


To edit this property, in the properties inspector, click on the ellipsis button at the right of the GridTemplate property editor. The templates explorer then comes up and you can select a Template and click OK.

Once selected, the name of the GridTemplate and an icon and text denoting its structure will appear in the scripts editor for the corresponding DiaryGridLine, as shown in the screenshot on the right.


Note that when you scan a GridTemplate, a copy of that file is saved in the Templates database. This means that you can still use a Template, even if the GridTemplate it uses has been moved, deleted or modified. Q++Studio will use the GridTemplate as it was at the time it was last scanned, but will issue a warning in the messages window.


Topic 064000, last updated on 18-Nov-2020