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The Properties Inspector

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The properties inspector is located at the center of the main window, and is used to view and edit the properties of the currently selected script line.


The properties inspector provides visual feedback as to the type and status of each property.


To modify a script line property, click on it in the properties inspector . The property will then go into edit mode. Depending on the property, when switching to edit mode, it will display one of the following Windows controls: EditBox, ComboBox, RadioGroup, SpinEdit.


For more complex properties, a ButtonEdit control will appear. When you click on its button, a dialog appears allowing you to edit the property. These dialogs are generically called "Property Editors", since they are used to modify properties, not just inspect them. You can also double-click on these properties to open their property editor directly.


Changes made to a property are automatically saved in memory, whenever you are editing a property and switch to another property (or leave the properties inspector ). Of course you can later decide whether or not to save all changes to disk.


At the bottom of the script line properties Inspector, you can add comments.


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