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The Scripts Editor, located at the left of the main window, is used to display the ScriptLines of the current script.


To select a ScriptLine, click on it.


You will notice that:


The properties editor is updated with all the properties of the currently selected ScriptLine. This allows you to modify any of its ScriptLine Properties

The ScriptLines Toolbar is modified to reflect the actions which can be performed on the selected line (add, move, copy, modify, disable, delete).


Once a ScriptLine is selected:


Press the F1 key to get help on the selected line.

Use drag and drop to copy or move lines within the same script.

Right-clicking on a ScriptLine displays a popup menu that gives you easy access to all the actions that can be performed for that ScriptLine, including copying scriptlines from another script.


The DiaryGridLine or QuarkPages ScriptLines have additional options:


Right-click on any DiaryGridLine or QuarkPages to display a popup menu which will let you rescan it or preview it, or open the QuarkXPress file from which it came.

Double-click on any DiaryGridLine or QuarkPages to display a preview of its Quark file.

Double-click on any DiaryGridLine or QuarkPages while holding the CTRL key, to open the corresponding QuarkXPress file in QuarkXPress.


Note that all the menu options available from the popup menu are also available from the scripts menu.