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The Messages Window

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The Messages Window is located at the bottom right of the main window and displays continuously updated design-time messages.


Every time you modify a property or a script line in your Script, Q++Studio runs a series of verifications to ensure that the minimum conditions required to generate a diary are met (if not, you get an error) and to alert you to possibly erroneous settings (in which case you get a warning).


The message content of hints is a bit more esoteric, and you can often ignore them (using the blue URL-like hide hints label), although they are always a good indicator of how Q++Studio understands your Script and it properties.


Manually refreshing messages


If you have made a modification to one of the QuarkXPress or InDesign files used in the current script, then the list of messages will not be updated until you make a change to the current script in Q++Studio.


To force a refresh of the list of messages, use the ellipsis button at the right of the messages window's header.


Suggested solutions


If you click on one of the messages, a pop-up menu appears giving you the options of letting Q++Studio fix the error or warning in different ways.


Help for each message


A help menu item is also present if you need clarifications on the cause of the message. This help menu item takes you directly to the help topic that specifically deals with the message being displayed.


If the explanation contained in the help topic is not clear, then note the help topic ID corresponding to the message, and communicate that ID to technical support.


Very long messages


If the text of any of the messages is too wide, place your mouse over the message, and the full text of the message will then appear in a pop-up hint and in the status bar.



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