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What's New in the XE3 Version of Q++Studio

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Below are the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of the XE3 version of Q++Studio in 2024 (previous years' release notes can be found here).


May 25, 2024  (XE3 build 24468)


The run-time message 15044 was being generated even if the DayValue of tokens inside the multiple holidays options was 1, which should not have triggered the message (25-may-2024).


April 30, 2024  (XE3 build 24442)


Support for the latest update to QuarkXPress 2024 (version 20.1 of April 2024). Q++Studio currently supports all QuarkXPress versions from QuarkXPress 5 to QuarkXPress 2024.


The topic on special characters now clearly specifies which special characters cannot be used in saras.

Pressing the F12 function key when Q++Studio displays a modal message will copy the current call stack to the clipboard, so that you may send it to technical support. This call stack is the same as the one displayed in the Q++Studio error dialog and provides information as to the sequence of functions that were called before the present dialog was displayed.


March 31, 2024  (XE3 build 24407)


Added a new holiday name variation that allows you to specify the name to use in the case of a holiday falling in a specific month.

Added a new w# everyday option for one-line minicalendars to specify that partial weeks week numbers should be centered by moving the week number to the next tab, rather than the current inherently less accurate option based on a specified number of blank spaces.


February 29, 2024  (XE3 build 24344)


Fixed a random crash of recent versions of QuarkXPress when dealing with scripts containing 20 or more templates, most likely due to the use of the high-entropy 64-bit address space layout randomization (ASLR) compiler option in recent versions of QuarkXPress (Blueline, 17-feb-2024).

Added code to automatically purge the Quark Rescue Folder before scanning and diary generation, as QuarkXPress 2024 tries to reopen all files found in that rescue folder (15-feb-2024).

In some specific cases, the automated conversion of the parameters used in basic paragraph settings xpress tags, when migrating from QuarkXPress 5-2019 to QuarkXPress 2020-2024, might fail (Blueline, 6-feb-2024).


January 31, 2024  (XE3 build 24315)


Q++Studio supports the latest update to QuarkXPress 2024 (version 20.0.2 of January 2024), as well as all other versions from QuarkXPress 5 to QuarkXPress 2024.


Improved the appearance and usability of the import from Excel dialog used to import holidays, one-time-dates, saints, and slogans from an MS-Excel file.


Fixed a minor UI glitch whereby the list of recurring holiday rules in the holidays manager would display Bhutanese solar holidays at the top of the list of each holidays set's holidays, rather than in the approximate position in which it occurs (6-jan-2024).


Previous Years


See also: release notes 1999-2023.


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