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What's New in the XE3 Version of Q++Studio

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Below are the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of the XE3 version of Q++Studio in 2023 (previous years' release notes can be found here).


November 22, 2023  (XE3 build 24243)


November 15, 2023: Q++Studio supports the newly released version of QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress 2024 (version 20), as well as all the previous versions of QuarkXPress from QuarkXPress 5 to QuarkXPress 2023.


Added message 187750 to warn you if you are using MonthHeaders inside a backtrack monthly grid.


October 31, 2023  (XE3 build 24184)


Relaxed the conditions under which the scanning messages 187540 and 187550 are issued, so that DayValues over 42 are ignored to exclude correctly coded splittable multi-month planners using GenTokens inside minicalendars such as [1mc+00], [43mc+00], [85mc+00] and [127mc+00] for a 4 months on 2 pages layout.

Relaxed the conditions under which messages 174500 and 174501 would be generated, so that these messages are no longer issued for templates with only 1 period, and templates whose number of periods is not divisible by the number of pages.


Spaces on the right-side of a zap token condition would cause message 179135 to be erroneously issued (JMata, 2-oct-2023).


September 30, 2023  (XE3 build 24088)


Fixed an index type mismatch in the macros data pump (29-sept-2023).

Messages 174500 and 174501 would not be generated for any template that did not contain any [d] token, or macro version thereof, but which contained macro tokens whose MacroLabel ended with a lowercase d (19-sept-2023).


July 31, 2023  (XE3 build 24006)


Added more topics on the migration and installation of workstations.

Added scanning messages 187540 and 187550 to warn you if minicalendar tokens of a particular page, or spread, of a given template are based on multiple different DayValues, which almost always is a coding error that can be hard to spot for proofreaders.


June 30, 2023  (XE3 build 23976)


The help topics corresponding to messages 174500 and 174501 were re-written with additional explanations and detailed solutions.

To prevent against diary generation issues, the tokens located in invisible textboxes are now ignored and message 187530 warns you if you have left an invisible textbox either on a visible layer, or on an invisible layer with the generation option ignore invisible layers set to false.


Using 2-digit indices for slogans tokens (i.e. 01 to 09 instead of 1 to 9) would spuriously cause messages 15023 and 104109 (Lecas, 28-june-2023).

When using macros to override the conversion and formatting of the dates, weekdays and week numbers of a minicalendar, macro indices from 1-9 specified using 2 digits (as 01 to 09) would be ignored (Lecas, 16-june-2023).


May 31, 2023  (XE3 build 23941)


The user interface of the character map dialog was modified to make it clear when a change to the displayed font was possible (when called from the tools menu of the main window) and when it was not (when used to select one or more specific characters, such as when specifying token translations or the default symbols of a holidays set).


Added the run-time message 187510 to warn you that a page's minimal date cannot be ascertained and to prevent errors due to invalid dates being used to process the tokens of that page (Lecas, 26-may-2023).


April 30, 2023  (XE3 build 23897)


Q++Studio supports the latest version of QuarkXPress 2023 (version 19.1 of April 2023), as well as all versions from QuarkXPress 5 to QuarkXPress 2022.


March 31, 2023  (XE3 build 23859)


The minicalendar modifiers used to format @ $$ and w# using macros would not properly identify and process multiple macro indices (Yangjisa, 25-mar-2023).

Fixed a rarely occurring bug in the handling of variable name holidays whose name depends on both the holiday date being moved (or duplicated) and the name depending on what weekday (or day of the month) that the moved or duplicated date falls on (17-mar-2023).

Fixed a bug in the optimization of the macro compiler's handling of multiple sequential integer differences (Geigers, 2-mar-2023).


January 31, 2023  (XE3 build 23712)


Support for Windows XP has ended.


Fixed a scanning error that would occur when using QuarkXPress 2022, ever since the release of QuarkXPress 2023 (Biella, 26-jan-2023).


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See also: release notes 1999-2022.


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