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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines and Book Format (where it is called Global Saras).


Use this property to associate a SaraSet with each DiaryGridLine, and/or with the Book Format Global Sara script line.


In the properties inspector, selecting a Sara property displays a button letting you select a SaraSet to use for the current script line (or, if a SaraSet is already selected for the current script line, then it opens that SaraSet directly in the saras editor).


The Saras Editor allows you to edit Saras for the SaraSet you wish to use. Note that Q++Studio will ask you to confirm any modification made when you close the property editor. If you do not confirm, the SaraSet used to generate your diary will be the un-modified one.


See also: saras applied to a diary output file.


Topic 082000, last updated on 06-Feb-2021