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What's New in Q++Studio XE3 ?

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XE3 build 22210 of 07-sep-2020


Documentation for the Q++Studio diary and calendar automation and publishing software, the choice of the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, since 1999, to automate the typesetting of their diaries and calendars, reliably and efficiently.


October 9, 2020  (build 22210)


Fixed a problem with diaries that use sections if the progression of the number of pages, from the first to the last section, was not systematic (Brepols, 9-oct-2020).


September 30, 2020  (build 22194)


Support for version 16.1 of QuarkXPress 2020, the latest update to QuarkXPress 2020.


August 31, 2020  (build 22129)


Fixed an issued that would occur spuriously when generating diaries of over 450 pages containing over 25 different templates (Letts, 20-aug-2020).


July 31, 2020  (build 22002)


The official Quark company support for QuarkXPress 2018 ends on July 31, 2020. As usual, Q++Studio will aim to keep supporting older versions of QuarkXPress for many years (we currently support QuarkXPress versions, from 5 to 2020).

Support for QuarkXPress 2018.3.5, the latest, and probably final, update to QuarkXPress 2018.

Support for QuarkXPress 2020.0.1, the latest update to QuarkXPress 2020.


Removed padding spaces in the diary generation logs, which reduces their size by about 50%.

Added a warning if the document you are scanning contains pages of different sizes.


June 30, 2020  (build 21876)


Added a new holiday name variation code which allows you to specify that a different name should be used, depending on the weekday on which the duplicated holiday occurs.


The colors selected to modify text as the result of a macro were still being saved as CMYK values, rather than by name. This means that, from one workstation to the next, or one version of QuarkXPress to the next, these values could differ, requiring a re-selection of the color, unless the script had been saved at least once. (30-june-2020).

Fixed an issue with the creation of installation folders when installing QuarkXPress 2020 to be used with the XE3 version of Q++Studio (Thomson, 26-june-2020).

Fixed the erroneous appearance of message 180745, in updates since May 29, 2020, in QuarkXPress 2016-2017-2018-2019-2020 (Alpha Edition, 18-june-2020).

Fixed a bug in the conversion of xpress tags when migrating a script from Quark 2019 to 2020 (1-june-2020).


May 31, 2020  (build 21769)


Support for QuarkXPress 2020, the new version of QuarkXPress.

As usual, Q++Studio has been compatible with QuarkXPress 2020, the new version of QuarkXPress, weeks before its official release on May 28, 2020.


Optimized the treatment of layers during diary generation, particularly invisible layers, when using QuarkXPress 2016 and above.


Fixed a bug in the automatically generated Xpress Tags representation of paragraph format, when using QuarkXPress 2019 or above (Burde, 8-may-2020).

Fixed the spurious occurrence of message 180925 in complex templates (Zettler, 4-may-2020).


April 30, 2020  (build 21683)


The jump to help topic function can now be used to access a topic in the online webhelp documentation, as well as in the locally-installed Windows help documentation, as before.

Increased the size of the buffer that contains the various attributes set in the QuarkXPress native formatting. This was previously limited to 16 text attributes and has now been increased to 128, a number which should never be reached.


Percentage offsets would not be saved in minicalendar paragraph formatting options (JMata, 20-apr-2020).

Any planetary override names would not be saved properly (JMata, 16-apr-2020).

The value of the setting Display Moon Transit times even on days when the moon does not rise and set was not being saved properly (JMata, 16-apr-2020).

When opening an old script, not opened since 2012, an error would occur due to the presence of the old pre- and post-processing scriptlines from before the XE2 version of Q++Studio (3-apr-2020).


March 31, 2020  (build 21560)


Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.2.1, released on March 3 (QuarkXPress 2019 Known and Resolved Issues).


Improved the workaround instructions to manually install Q++Studio updates. Additionally, the updater, when used with a manual update, now displays the actual build number of the update being installed, and prevents you from accidentally installing an older build.


Fixed some UI glitches in the selection of QuarkXPress files, and the processing of QuarkXPress messages, when using stand-alone saras (JMata, 3-mar-2020).


February 29, 2020  (build 21484)


Converted some of the larger screenshots to image toggles in both the Windows Help and the online Web Help. Clicking on any of these smaller image toggles then brings up the related image at 100% of its size, so that all its details may better be seen.

Added MAPI as a method to send technical support emails using your own email client.


Added workaround instructions to manually install Q++Studio updates, if these updates are being blocked by your firewall and/or network settings.


Fixed a bug in the list of compiler settings that would prevent the compilation of macros using the List_GetFullText function (21-feb-2020).

The value of the open output file (if no errors) setting was not being saved as part of a script, although it was being saved as part of user preferences (6-feb-2020).


January 31, 2020  (build 21344)


Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.2, released on January 31.


Spurious values would be saved as safety minutes if no Muslim prayer time source was specified (11-jan-2020)

The minutes formatting setting of solstices and seasons would not be saved properly (11-jan-2020).



See also: release notes 1999-2019.