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Introduction to the Q++Studio Documentation

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Welcome to the online documentation for the XE3 version of Q++Studio.


For over 20 years, Q++Studio has been the software of choice for professional diary and calendar publishers needing to automate the typesetting of their diaries and calendars, reliably and efficiently.


The XE desktop version of Q++Studio for QuarkXPress is ideal for medium-sized diary and calendar publishers, with a focus on user interface stability and backward compatibility with legacy versions of Windows and QuarkXPress, all the while supporting new versions of QuarkXPress on the day they are released.


Getting started


The following topics are a good place to get started with this documentation:


Overview, an overview of the current documentation, and grouping the various chapters of the table of contents into meta topics.

What is Q++Studio?, a list of the diary and calendar-related features of Q++Studio.

What's New?, a list of the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of the XE3 version of Q++Studio in 2024.

The topic on the various features of the present online documentation.


For more details about the Q++Studio diary and calendar typesetting automation software, see the presentation page or the versions and pricing page on our website.


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