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What's New in Q++Studio ?

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This documentation is based on the XE3 Build 21316 of 22-jan-2020 of the Q++Studio diary and calendar automation and publishing software.


January 25, 2020  (build 21316)




Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.1.3, released in late January 2020.




Spurious values would be saved as safety minutes if no Muslim prayer time source was specified (11-jan-2020)

The minutes formatting setting of solstices and seasons would not be saved properly (11-jan-2020).



December 31, 2019  (build 21236)




Q++Studio is compatible with QuarkXPress version 2019.1.2, released in early December 2019. However, according to Quark technical support, this update is primarily concerned with problems exporting to PDF on the Macintosh, and there are no new features of bug fixes that pertain to the Windows version.



See also: previous release notes.