Windows Refresher

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Windows Refresher

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Windows programs such as Q++Studio make use of many of standard and semi-standard controls. The aim of this annex is to present the main controls used by Q++Studio, agree on the terminology we use to describe each control, cover their basic useage, and show you tips on how to use these controls better.


Windows Explorer

The basics of file and directory naming and manipulation using the Windows Explorer, as well as some tips on how to customize the Windows Explorer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The most common keyboard shortcuts used in Q++Studio, Windows, and most Windows applications.

Common Controls

The main controls used in the Q++Studio user interface and the keyboard shortcuts that can be used with each one.

Windows and Dialogs

Tips on working with windows and dialogs in Windows.



This appendix is written primarily for all the Q++Studio users who come from the MacIntosh world, but some beginning Windows user will probably learn a few time-saving shortcuts as well.

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