Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings (XE2)

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Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings (XE2)

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To avoid problems when using Q++Studio, your anti-virus should be set to exclude/ignore all the following folder and sub-folders:





C:\Q++ServerXE2\ or Q:\Q++ServerXE2\ (depending which one of these 2 does exist)

C:\Program Files\Quark\

C:\Program Files (x86)\Quark\



In addition, your firewall should be set to allow:


Allow in/out TCP/IP traffic from any IP address on ports 16003 and 10089.

Allow FTP traffic on port 21 to the IP address

Allow SMTP traffic on port 587 to the IP address


Finally, although not absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended that TeamViewer be installed on the server and on each workstation, to facilitate remote support, if ever needed.

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