A Word of Warning about Modifying the List of Saras in a SaraSet

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A Word of Warning about Modifying the List of Saras in a SaraSet

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Although the mechanics of creating and modifying Saras and SaraSets are different from that for modifying Holidays Sets and Holidays Rules, the underlying structure is the same. This means that if you make any changes while you select "My Awesome SaraSet" in the list of SaraSets for a particular DiaryGridLine, the SaraSet will be modified for all ScriptLine properties that use that SaraSet.


This is equivalent to the fact that if you go into the Holidays and One-Time-Dates Manager and change some of the Holidays for a given Holidays Set, you expect all scripts that use that Holidays Set to be affected.


The confusion may arise in the case of SaraSets, since you can modify the Saras of a SaraSet while selecting a SaraSet as a ScriptLine property (something you cannot do while selecting Holidays Sets to be used by a-Holidays, for example). This may give you the false impression that any changes to the list of Saras are limited to the current ScriptLine. That is not the case.

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