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Use the b_DEBUG system variable to execute debug (ie. testing) code in your macros. This variable's value is false by default and can be set to true in the Diary Generation Options dialog which appears just prior to generating a diary.


For example, if you are deleting a textbox on any day that is not a Sunday or a holiday, you might want to display the date in the textboxes that remain during testing, but obviously not when finally generating the diary.


if b_DEBUG

 sResult = sResult + FormatDate('c', nNewTokenDate) + '&s'


 sRESULT = sRESULT + '[' + IntToStr(nCurDayvalue) + '*2DayLine]&s'



In the example above, one can generate using b_DEBUG=true to verify that the date given by nNewTokenDate is correct before generating the diary where this macro results in another macro token of macro index 2.

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