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Box not valid - skipping OLD

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This QuarkXPress diary generation message occurs extremely rarely and somewhat randomly.


This problem should be fixed starting with build 11726, of April 24, 2006. If you have downloaded and installed this build, or a later one, and are still getting this message, please send us the script via tech support.


When this message occurs, it usually occurs only once, for the last box of the first non-blank page of the generated diary. You can tell which box it is, because that box will appear with none of its tokens being replaced, although the rest of the page (and the diary) looks fine, as shown in the example below.





If this message is generated on page 1 of a generated diary, then it will have been accompanied by a corresponding message. Please refer to the help topic related to message 178245 for a solution.


Otherwise, if this message is generated on page 2 and above, in all the cases when this message has been encountered, this workaround has solved the problem:


1.Part of the problem is usually due to old, partially corrupted files, so first, create a clean copy of your GridTemplate.

2.Then add a new blank textbox to each of the pages of the GridTemplate.


The new blank boxes, added in step 2, above, will become the last box of each of the pages and will attract the problem to themselves, with no consequences since they does not contain any tokens that need to be replaced.


In any event, if one of your scripts generates this message, you should send it to the technical support.

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