Buttons and SpeedButtons

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Buttons and SpeedButtons

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There are 2 types of Windows button used in Q++Studio.




The first type is a standard button which can receive the input focus. These are almost always 3 dimensional, and when they have the focus or are the default button, they feature a dotted highlight as shown above. These buttons can also occur in the newer, smaller, XP-like look.




When a button is displayed as either of the the ones above right, you can either click on it or press the ENTER key to have the event associated with the button fire. More details on the significance of these various buttons can be found in the section on dialogs.


The second type of button, also called SpeedButton, is usually flat except when the mouse is over it.


This type of button does not keep the focus, and the only way to cause it to fire is to click on it.

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