Cannot find font

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Cannot find font

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This QuarkXPress diary generation message occurs if Q++Studio instructs QuarkXPress to set the font of a given token replacement to a given font, but that font does not exist on your PC. This message is generated by QuarkXPress, during diary generation, but you should have had a corresponding design-time message originating from any of the properties where you can specify a change of font (such as minicalendars and macros).


Note that this warning is not the same as the one (shown below) that you get when opening an existing Quark file that contains references to fonts that are not installed on your PC.



The above message will go away as soon as the file is opened on a PC with this font installed, but the message that concerns us here, in this topic, means that the reference to the missing font could not be inserted in the Quark file. Therefore, even if the generated output file is later opened on a PC that does have that font, the font will still not appear in the document.

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