Using different Saints for different years

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Using different Saints for different years

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Usually, Saints are the same every year (you may choose to replace them with moving holidays, but the Saints themselves remain the same every year). However, in rare cases, the list of Saints is changed on a given year (for example, this happens every 5 years in most Scandinavian countries).


This poses a problem because dates of diaries usually straddle 2 or more years. For example, a 2004 diary may start at the end of December 2003 and end at the beginning of January 2005. What should be done in that example if the list of Saints used in a script is different starting in 2005 ?


The solution is to create a new Saints Set that contains the new list of Saints, and then create (or modify) the file named Q++Data.ini located in the Q++ServerXE2\Database\ folder. In that file, the section SaintsSetsChanges should have the following format (there are no spaces) :


IdOld = YearOfChange : IdNew


where the various parameters are :


YearOfChangeThe first year when the new set of Saints applies.


IdOldThe ID of the Saints Set to be used for any date before YearOfChange.


IdNewThe ID of the Saints Set to be used for any date on or after YearOfChange.


An example is shown below :







This method has the advantage that you do not need to modify your scripts that use any of the changing Saints Sets the year of the change. However, this convenience happens at the expense of speed as Q++ must check the year and whether the Saints Sets changes for every occurrence of a Saints token. We recommend that you modify the old set to contain the new list (and remove references to that set in the above INI file) once the change year is gone.

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