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DatePicker controls are used to select a specific date (ie. day-month-year, as opposed to day-month only).



The dropdown button at the right of the control indicates that you can change the date by clicking on it; a date selection calendar then appears. Using the dropdown calendar is useful if you need to select a date based on its context (for example : the second Monday in May 2004).



A single click on any of the dates selects that date and closes down the popup calendar. To close the calendar without selecting a date, click on any other control in the same dialog, or use the ESC (Escape) key located at the top lefy of your keyboard.


If you know which specific date you wish to select (for example May 12th 2004), then you do not need to use the dropdown calendar. Simply select either the day, month or year by clicking on it and use the up/down arrow keys to change the date. For example, selecting the 29 in the left example below and pressing the UP key twice gives the result on the right.




You can do the same by selecting the month or year (not the weekday which is adjusted automatically based on the values of the other 3 values). You can also use enter numbers instead of using the up/down key.

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