DayValues in Holidays Options have a specific Meaning

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DayValues in Holidays Options have a specific Meaning

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Cause : Q++ has noticed that, in a Holidays (Multiple) property, one of the tokens inside either the Text to the Left/Right or the Separator options has a DayValue different than 1 (ie. is of the form [2ddd] instead of [ddd]).


Consequences : Q++ will accept this and generate a diary without error. However you should be aware that DayValues used in recursive tokens, are based on the date of the token, not the minimum date of the GridTemplate. In the example above, the DayValue 2 does not correspond to the second day of the grid, but to the day after the current token's date. This is similar to the use of tokens inside a MiniCal token.


Solution :


Edit the problem string : Automatically opens the property editor so you can correct the string that generated this message.

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