Determining if there is a holidays on a given date

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Determining if there is a holidays on a given date

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Typically when you use holidays inside Macros, you want to perform specific actions if there is a holiday on the date of the macro token being evaluated, and you will not care too much what the name of the actual holiday is.


In those cases you would then use one of the many functions that only check for the occurrence of a holiday :


bRESULT = IsHolidayForList(n_TokenDate,'a')

bRESULT = IsHolidayForSet(n_TokenDate, nSetId)

bRESULT = IsHolidayOccurence(n_TokenDate, nHolRuleId)

bRESULT = HolidayOfListInPeriod('a', nDate1, nDate2)

bRESULT = HolidayOfSetInPeriod(nSetId, nDate1, nDate2)

bRESULT = HolidayOfListOnDate('a', nDate)

bRESULT = HolidayOfSetOnDate(nSetId, nDate1)


Refer to each function's corresponding topic to determine which one is best suited to each case.

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