Diary generation took over X minutes

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Diary generation took over X minutes

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This message occurs if Q++ notices that the most recent diary generation took over X minutes, which is extremely long for most diaries using Q++ (most diaries take less than 2 minutes). The value of X which triggers this message differs, depending on the version of QuarkXPress that you are using to generate : this message occurs if diary generation takes more than 5 minutes using QuarkXPress 4, more than 7 minutes using QuarkXPress 5, and more than 10 minutes using QuarkXPress 6.


Below are links to topics that can help you speed up the generation of this diary and also diaries in general.


General Optimization of Q++Studio


Tips on Generating Diaries Faster


Using the Multi-Step Generation Mode


Other tips include :


avoiding master pages (or at least keeping them light)


using textboxes instead of pictureboxes to display shaded boxes


having only the necessary colors defined in the GridTemplates (each additional color defined in a GridTemplate slows down the page copying stage of diary generation).


Note that this message is based on the time needed to generate a diary excluding the time needed to perform Saras. If they are sloppily setup, Saras can easily amount to the same time, even more, than the time needed to generate a diary. If you find that Saras are taking too long, make sure that you read the topic on Saras optimizations.

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