Directory is Busy/Locked/Locked

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Directory is Busy/Locked/Locked

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Database error messages that refer to a directory being busy or controlled by another user are usually caused by a recent QuarkXPress crash. In that case :


1.Close Q++.


2.Close QuarkXPress and make sure it is not lingering in memory following a crash (to do this use the CTRL+ALT+DEL key combination to bring up the Windows Task Manager and select the Processes tab. If you see a process with either the name QuarkXPress.exe or Xpress.exe, then terminate it).


3.Relaunch Q++. When launching, Q++ automatically searches out and deletes any leftover LCK and NET files.


4.If Q++ does not launch successfully in the previous step (and the message still refers to NET or LCK files) then you should close Q++ and use the Q++ Clear Lock Files utility to search for files of the format p*dox*.lck in the relevant folders, and then launch Q++ again as per step 3.


See also NET or LCK Files Error Messages.

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