Disabling Tokens

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Disabling Tokens

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There are many way to selectively hide or disable a token without removing it from the GridTemplate.


Grid Options: this property has 4 options which can disable a token : Monthly Outside Days, Hide Watermarks, Hide Holidays Symbol and Delete Dominante.


Holidays (display) : this property has 2 options which can disable tokens : Display Holiday Name and Display Symbol.


Slogan Rules : the Skip Slogan op0tion can disable a token on a day when there is a holiday for one of the holidays lists chosen. This is particularly hard to trace since the Slogan token will be disabled only once in a while.


Although the Execute Saras property does not lead to disabled/blank tokens, it is also a common source of unexpected results in the output file, since if it set to false, none of your Saras will be performed.


If a token does not appear in your output file, but you get no error message, use the above as a checklist of properties and options which may have disabled your token.


Finally, make sure you understand the difference between a token not being translated, and a token having an empty translation. Many problems with user-defined tokens come from there.

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