Duration Moon Tokens

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Duration Moon Tokens

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You can apply a Duration Suffix to the [mp] Moon Phase token to display a list of moon phases over a period of time.




Although the [mp] token is the only moon token that can be used with a duration suffix, in the Moon Options property you can include other moon tokens in the text to be displayed on the left and/or right of each occurrence of a moon phase. The example above is generated by the use of the settings below.



Note that the moon phases symbol does not necessarily need to appear in the result of any moon duration token. In the example above, if we had not wanted to show the moon phase symbol, we could simply have un-checked the for duration tokens checkbox of the Display [mp] Symbol section at the top left of the Moon Options dialog.


You can filter-out some of the Moon phases that you do not wish to display, by setting their symbol to a blank space, as described here. You can also limit the range of Moon phases displayed as a result of a duration Moon token with the following suffixes:


:cnt_XX  the Number of Phases Suffix lets you restrict the number of Moon phases to display (where XX represents a number from 1 to 99).

:beg_XX  the Starting Phase Suffix lets you begin the displaying of Moon phases on the Nth phase of the period (where XX represents a number from 1 to 99). This suffix, combined with the one above can be used to display, for example, the first 26 phases of the year in one box [1mp:y+00:beg_1:cnt_26] and the remaining phases of the year in another box [1mp:y+00:beg_27:cnt_30] (where we use a count of 30 in the second token, to ensure we include all remaining phases of the year).


As always, the calculations used for this token are based on the location specified by the Moon Data Source property. If more than one source is selected, you can specify which source to use by appending a digit that corresponds to that source's position in the list of selected sources.

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