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To add or modify Saint/Nameday :


1.Open the Saints and Namedays Manager


2.Select the holidays set whose saints you want to create or modify.


3.Select the Saints/Namedays tab on the right side of the dialog.


Saints/Namedays are listed at the right of the tabbed control. If a Saints/Namedays list has never been generated for the current holidays set, you can use the Generate Saints button to generate the list.


A month toolbar at the top allows you to easily navigate the list, and a record toolbar at the left contains 3 buttons which respectively let you modify the current Saint/Nameday, save changes and cancel changes. To the right of the record toolbar is a panel displaying the status of the list.


The list's columns are :


Month and DayThese are generated by Q++Studio and cannot be modified (hence their gray background).


SexWhether the Saint/Nameday was a man or woman. You can also specify "none" if the name is not the name of a person, or is the name of more than one person.


Saint's NameThis is the name which will appear in the diary output file as replacement for one of the saints tokens. Note that any underscore character "_" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a non-breaking space and that a tilde character "~" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a normal space.


To the left of the list of Saint/Nameday, you will find the area where Saints/Namedays are modified. To modify one of the saints :


Select the Saint/Nameday you wish to modify in the list of saints. Remember that you can use the navigation toolbar at the top of the list.


Once the Saint/Nameday is selected you can start modifying its sex and name directly. The record toolbar and status indicator will change to reflect the modified state of the current Saint/Nameday.


Either confirm the changes by clicking on the checkmark button, or cancel changes by clicking on the button representing an "x".


Note that :


If you move to another Saint/Nameday in the list while a saint was being modified, Q++Studio will assume you wanted to save the changes made.


Closing the Saints and Namedays Manager without saving changes to a currently modified saint is equivalent to canceling the latest change you have made.


Usually, a list of Saints/Namedays does not change from one year to the next, but if required you can specify that one set be used until a given year and another set be used from that year onward.

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