Internal Errors (error messages that you should never see)

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Internal Errors (error messages that you should never see)

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The messages below indicate that something happened which could be foreseen at the time of development, but which should nonetheless never occur. This is akin to assertions, but while assertions indicate something happened that is usually out the control of the programmer, the error messages below indicate that some invalid conditions made their way through the net of safety checks of Q++Studio until they surfaced and caused the messages below.


Error: calling SaveToBlobTable from cPagesScriptLine. Method should be abstract at the Base Class Level.


Error in: self.Indent := self.GetInitialIndent.


Invalid Entry Conditions in Procedure ReloadMostRecentScript.


Trying to close NIL script.


Trying to execute NIL script.


The messages above are really messages from myself to myself, chiding myself for letting a error occur. It is therefore not surprising that most of these messages refer to technical aspects of the source code which may not be informative for most users.

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