Expected DayValues

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Expected DayValues

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When you scan a GridTemplate, Q++ tries to guess the dates contained in each page of your grid. Q++ guesses that a DayValue occurs on a given page, if it finds either a [d] or [dd] token of a given DayValue on that page. To override that guess, use DayValue Marker tokens.


The expected DayValues for daily and weekly grids are relatively intuitive. The expected DayValues for monthly grids depends on whether it is continuous, backtrack every month or backtrack every page. No attempt is made to verify DayValues found in grid whose structure was set to yearly.


If Q++ thinks it has found an inconsistency between the DayValues it expects and the DayValues found in the scanned GridTemplate, it will generate the design-time message DayValue of aNumber on page of name.qxd.

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