Exporting One-Time Dates in MS-Excel Format

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Exporting One-Time Dates in MS-Excel Format

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To save the list of One-Time-Dates to an MS-Excel file, use the Data|export menu, or click on the toolbar button displaying the Microsoft Excel icon.


Select One-Time-Dates, from the Data|Export sub-menu.


Q++Studio displays a dialog where you can specify a list of holidays sets.


Select holidays sets either by using the ADD button or by double-clicking on a holidays set.


Make your selection and click on the EXPORT button.


When the exportation is complete, Q++Studio displays the results in an embedded Excel spreadsheet. Each of the holidays sets you selected is on a different sheet of the workbook (the sheets can be accessed using the tabs at the bottom).


The Excel sheet contains 4 columns. In reality only the first column (date) and the fourth column (name of the one-time date) are used, since the Watermark and Holidays Symbol do not apply to One-Time Dates, since they usually apply national holidays, which are usually recurring.

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