Exporting Slogans

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Exporting Slogans

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To export Slogans, open the Slogans Manager, select the Slogans Set you wish to export and click on the Export button to the left of the title of the list of Slogans.


You can then choose either of the following formats for the exported file.


Plain Text TXT

This option exports the plaint text part only (ie. without any text formatting such as bold, italics, colors, ...) of each Slogan. Only the Slogan is exported; the sequence and graphics filename are not. This option is useful for proofreading.

Xpress Tags XTG

This option behaves differently for each slogan, depending if that token is based on formatted text (ie. created and modified manually inside Q++) or Xpress Tags (ie. imported from a QuarkXPress document). For formatted text Slogans the text-only part of the slogan will be exported. For slogans that contain Xpress Tags, the representation of that slogan in plain text, but using that tags description, will be exported. For more details, see Advanced Slogans Topics.

Re-Import Ready TXT

This is the same as the TXT option above, but in addition to exporting each slogan's text, the sequence and graphics filenames are also exported. This means that if the exported file is opened in MS-Excel, the data will be in the correct format to be re-imported. This allows you to round-trip; export, make wholesale changes (search replace, etc...) and then reimport into Q++Studio. Note that although the exported file is exported as text, you must open it in Excel and save it as an Excel file before re-importing it.

Re-Import Ready XTG

This is the same as the previous option, but exporting the full Xpress Tags text for slogans that were imported from a QuarkXPress document. For more details, see Advanced Slogans Topics.


In both cases, Slogans are then exported to a plain text file with either the TXT or XTG file extension. Each Slogan occupies one line of the text file; any carriage returns within an individual slogan will have been replaced by the corresponding special character token for either a soft or hard return or a tabulation.

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