File version number invalid !

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File version number invalid !

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This message is generated if QuarkXPress determines the QuarkXPress version number of one of the files being scanned or used in diary generation as an unknown version (possibly from a later version of QuarkXPress than the one currently used).


This message could be due to the file to be opened being of an incompatible version of QuarkXPress (later version number, MacOS file, or versions 3-4-5-6 when using Quark 10 or later), but these inconsistencies should be caught by Q++Studio before launching QuarkXPress.


Therefore the most likely cause for such an error would be:


Damaged QuarkXPress installation.

Non-activated copy of QuarkXPress.


If you are sure that the above are not the cause of the problem, you should try to re-boot your computer. If the problem remains, please send the script to technical support, being sure to mention the error message ID listed at the bottom of this topic.



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