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To Open a Macro or do a Save as, use the "FILE|open" menu in the Macros Editor to bring up the Macros Sets Manager . Use it to select a Macro.


When you Save a Macro for the first time, a dialog comes up letting you set the name of this new Macro and select the Macros Set with which to associate it. Note that you cannot type-in the name of the Macros Set, you must click on the ellipsis, which brings up the Macros Sets Editor.


Use the Export menu to save the current Macro to file. You will be asked for a path and file name, and Q++Studio will save the code with that name and the .qpx extension. Use the Import menu to read-in a Macro from a .qpx or .txt file. This will ovewrite all the current code in the code editor. Click here for more details.


Use the Print command to print the current's Macro's code.

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