Template uses X languages but Y are defined

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Template uses X languages but Y are defined

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Cause : Q++ has noticed that the GridTemplate used by the current DiaryGridLine, has tokens corresponding to X different languages. However the number of Languages selected in the Languages property is Y, a different number.


The root cause of this mismatch depends on the relative values of X and Y.


If X < Y, this usually comes from copying a Script used for a bilingual GridTemplate and then re-using it for a unilingual GridTemplate. If X > Y, this is usually an oversight, such as forgetting that a GridTemplate is bilingual.


Some cases of X > Y can be caused by token errors. Some common examples :


Creating a bilingual GridTemplate with "b" and "d" LanguageTags, and forgetting that any token without an explicit LanguageTag is assumed to be related to the "a" LanguageTag. In that case Q++ considers your GridTemplate as trilingual, not bilingual.


Forgetting to put the DayValue in front of hour tokens, in which case Q++ thinks that token represents the "h" LanguageTag.


Consequences : If X < Y this message will only be a hint and the extra languages selected will be ignored. If X > Y, then this message will be an error and Q++ will not execute this Script until this error is fixed.


Solutions :


Edit List of Languages : Opens the Languages property editor, so you can add or remove languages.


Modify GridTemplate : Opens the current GridTemplate in QuarkXPress, so you can modify any token errors.

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