QxdFile name.qxd was modified since it was inspected

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QxdFile name.qxd was modified since it was inspected

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Cause : Q++Studio saved the timestamp of the qxd file when it inspected name.qxd for the QXD File property of the current QxdPages ScriptLine. Q++Studio now notices that the timestamp of that file on the disk is different than the value it saved.


Because Q++Studio does not save a copy of the QxdPages files in its database (like it does for Templates), it has no way of knowing what the change may have been. The new file could be wider, smaller, with a different number of pages, …


Consequences : Q++Studio will not preview or execute the current script until that error is fixed.


Solutions :


Re-inspect name.qxd : Opens the QXD File property editor to re-inspect the QuarkXPress file used in the current QxdPages ScriptLine.

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