Finding a Holiday Rule

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Finding a Holiday Rule

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To search for a specific Recurring Holiday, using either its internal unique ID, or its name or part of its name, go to the Holidays Manager, and click on the Find button at the top of the TreeView on the left.



The Find Dialog then appears, and you an search for a particular recurring holiday by selecting Find a Holiday Rule, at the top left of the dialog.



You can Look for the Holiday Rule of a given ID Number, or choose to Look for the name, or part of the name, of a Holiday Rule name, with the possibility of making your search match Whole Words and/or be Case Sensitive.


The setting Everywhere (example below left) is obvious; the search looks for recurring holidays inside every holidays set, regardless of its position in the hierarchy. The setting In same folder and below looks for holidays inside every holidays set below the selected set (see example below right).




The setting In same folder only only looks for holidays inside sets within the same folder as the selected set (see example below left). The setting Only in current set looks for holidays inside the currently selected holidays set only (see example below right).




Note that the second and third options are based on the folder of the currently selected set, not necessarily the set itself. So, for example, as is the case in the examples below, if the selected set is not a folder, then the search starts from the parent folder of the currently selected set.


The Search where settings are not available if your search is based on the ID of the holiday, since these IDs are unique and therefore a search Everywhere is the most logical. Although one does not usually refer to a Holidays Set or a Recurring Holiday by its numerical ID, being able to find a set or holiday based on its ID is useful when looking at the conflicts logs.


See also: Regular Expressions.

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