Using Full Text Search to Find a Help Topic

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Using Full Text Search to Find a Help Topic

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Full text search is useful when you are looking for a specific word or expression (such as "BLOb"), rather than a general topic (such as "token", in which case you should use the Keyword Search).


To use full-text search


Click the Search tab, and then type the word or phrase you want to find.

Click List Topics, select the topic you want, and then click Display.

If you are getting too many results (for example looking for "token"), or if you are not sure exactly how the word you are looking for appears (for example, is it "executing" or "execution"), you can use Advanced Full Text Search.


The basic rules for formulating queries


Searches are not case-sensitive, so you can type your search in uppercase or lowercase characters.

You may search for any combination of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).

Punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, comma, and hyphen are ignored during a search.

Group the elements of your search using double quotes or parentheses to set apart each element. You cannot search for quotation marks.

If you are searching for a file name with an extension, you should group the entire string in double quotes, ("filename.ext"). Otherwise, the period will break the file name into two separate terms. The default operation between terms is AND, so you will create the logical equivalent to "filename AND ext."


To highlight words in searched topics


When searching for words in help topics, you can have each occurrence of the word or phrase highlighted in the topics that are found.

To highlight all instances of a search word or phrase, click Options on the toolbar, and then click Search Highlight On.




To turn off this option, click Options on the toolbar, and then click Search Highlight Off.

If you are viewing a long topic, only the first 500 instances of a search word or phrase will be highlighted.

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