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str = GetHolSetAbbreviationOfId(nHolSetId)


This macro function is used to obtain the default abbreviation of the Holidays Set with ID given by nHolSetId. This function is often used in holidays pages where the holidays of many countries are listed one after the other, and you wish to display the default abbreviation of each holidays set, rather than the abbreviation of the holidays themselves.



Note that this ID is the ID of the holidays set in the database. Usually this function is used with GetNthHolSetId to obtain the name of the Nth set in one of the Holidays Lists. For example, the above inset would be generated using :


nCurSetId = GetNthHolSetId('a',1)

sResult = GetHolSetNameOfId(nCurSetId) + '(' + GetHolSetAbbreviationOfId(nCurSetId) + ')'


See also : GetNthHolSetId, GetHolSetNameOfId.

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