Can't read graphics file !

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Can't read graphics file !

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This QuarkXPress diary generation message can occur if you are using slogan tokens or macro tokens to display graphic files.


The causes for this error message can be the following:


The file is not in the expected folder. This is the most common cause for this message. Please look at the full path name of the file as it appears in the present error message, and make sure that the file mentioned in the message actually exists.

The graphics file is of a format not supported by the version of QuarkXPress you are using.

The graphics file is of a format which requires an Import Xtension, which might have been disabled by default in the internal QuarkXPress during the installation of your workstation. For example some TIF files require the LZW xtension and JPG files require the JPEG import Xtension. To test if this is the reason for the present error message, you could try to generate your diary again using the Enable all Xtensions on the Misc. tab of the Diary Generation Option dialog.


This internal error could also be due to an overly aggressive anti-virus, or to Windows being almost out-of-resources. You should try to re-boot your computer. Also make sure that you are using the latest version of Q++Studio and the minimum recommended build of QuarkXPress, as this error could come from a bug which has since been fixed.

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