GridTemplate needs to be re-scanned in Unicode mode (Unicode version)

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GridTemplate needs to be re-scanned in Unicode mode (Unicode version)

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Cause : The current Template was scanned with the same version of QuarkXPress as the one you are currently using. However, the template was scanned using the ANSI version of Q++, which means that the scanned text does not recognize Unicode elements properly and that token that contain diacriticals, such as [fâ], will not be recognized properly.


This error usually occurs when you are migrating your environment from the ANSI version of Q++ Studio to the Unicode version.


Consequences : Q++ will not preview or execute the current script until that error is fixed.


Solutions :


Re-scan name.qxd : This will automatically re-scan the version of the GridTemplate which is on disk and update the Templates database.


Re-Scan All Templates of Script : Q++ will automatically rescan every template used by a non-commented scriptline of the currently displayed script. This is useful when converting a script from one version of QuarkXPress to the other.

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