Using the Holiday Rule Wizard to Guess the Rule that Corresponds to a Date

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Using the Holiday Rule Wizard to Guess the Rule that Corresponds to a Date

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Sometimes you konow one or more dates on which a holiday occurred, but you cannot figure out the rule for this holiday, if any. The Q++Studio Holiday Rule Wizard was created for such cases. There are 2 ways to launch the Q++Studio Holiday Rule Wizard :


Use the "Data|Other Holidays Tools|Guess Holidays" menu.


Use the button with a lightbulb at the top right of the Holidays Manager dialog.


Using the Holiday Rule Wizard is easy :



1.Enter one or more Actual Known Dates when a holiday occurred, in the DatePickers at the left of the dialog (if you are not familiar with the use of DatePickers, use the link here to learn how to use them more efficiently).


2.As you enter dates in the textboxes the list of Possible Rules is updated. The most probable are displayed at the top of the list in bold (by most probable we mean the simplest).


3.To see if any of the listed possible rules matches for other years, click on the rule to select it. This will automatically display dates for that selected rule in the Sample Dates for Selected Rule box at the bottom.


4.You can use the scroller at the bottom right to view Sample Dates for the rule selected in Possible Rules in other years than the ones you have entered.


5.If you called the Holiday Rule Wizard from within the Holidays Manager, then you can click on the OK button and the selected rule will be copied automatically to the holidays rule being edited.


Some tips :


You do not need to fill every box, but the more dates you enter, the fewer choices of rules you will be presented with.


Try to fill dates in chronological order. For example if you have the dates of "Weird Holiday" for 1996-1997-1998, enter the date for 1996 in the top textbox, when you go to enter the date in the second textbox, the following year 1997 will automatically be selected.


To remove a date, click on the button with a small black x at the right of the date you wish to remove.


Limitations : because the Holiday rule Wizard works on one rule at the time, it cannot guess rules that include some of the more advanced recurrence options, such as conflicts with other holidays. If in doubt, use our web site which contains a worldwide database of bank holidays, legal holidays, public holidays and religious holidays, for all 194 countries and 48 semi-autonomous territories of the world.

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