The Body of a Help Topic

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The Body of a Help Topic

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The body of each Q++Studio help topic is made up of the same elements found in most web pages (text, images and hyperlinks) but with some small differences (improvements, we think).


In the the Q++Studio HTML and Browser-Based help files, hyperlinks are displayed in blue, as usual (or in the default internet link color specified on your PC), but these hyperlinks are not shown as underlined (see screenshot below).



This makes the text easier to read, as the underlining does tend to break one's reading concentration. However, when you place your mouse over any of these hyperlinks, then the underline appears.


The second improvement of Q++Studio Help topics over the usual web pages that you may have come across is that many of the screenshots have hotspots, so that clicking on one area of the image brings you to a specific help topic, while clicking on another area of the image brings you to another topic. For an example of use of hotspots in images, see the topic on HTML Help topics.


In addition to a body, each help topic also has a header and a footer.

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