The Header of a Help Topic

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The Header of a Help Topic

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The header of each Q++Studio help topic is made up of 3 parts.



Topic Title

This is the title of the topic (surprise!). Most importantly, it is often a longer and more descriptive title than the title displayed in the corresponding node of the contents navigator.

For example, the topic with title The Structure of Tokens is represented in the navigation hierarchy on the left, with the single word Structure.


This works well because, in the hierarchy's context, that single word is sufficient. However at the top of the topic, as title, that single word would have little meaning.

Topic Position in Hierarchy

Above the topic title, there is a series of hyperlinks that let you jump to all the topics above the current topic in the navigation hierarchy. This is useful to view the context of the current topic, and also to jump to any of the topic's parent topics for a larger-scale view. This feature is particularly useful if you have reached a help topic using either a keyword search or full-text search, in which case the contents navigator is not visible and it is hard to see where the found topic fits.

Browsing Buttons

The browsing buttons are used to move through the topic hierarchy, one topic at the time. Note that the previous and next buttons, here, are not the same as the back and forward buttons at the top of the toolbar. The previous and next buttons move through the sequence of topics, like through the topics of a book, without any relation to the topics you previously viewed. The back and next buttons behave as the corresponding buttons of a web browser, and their behavior will depend on which topics you have viewed since the last time you opened the current help file.


In addition to a header, each help topic also has a body and a footer.

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