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bool = HolidayOfListInPeriod(sHolList, nDate1, nDate2)


This macro function returns true if there is a holiday or one-time-date for the Holidays List sHolList in the period ranging from the date of nDate1 to nDate2 inclusively. Otherwise it return false. The allowed values for sHolList are : 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', 'u'.


This function is useful if you only want to know that there is at least one holiday occurence during a given period of time, but do not care what the holidays' names are. You might want to use this, for example, to hide/show by-lines depending if there have been any holidays for the current page, a bit like using the zap and duration tokens together, but with more flexibility.


See also : HolidayOfListOnDate.

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