Holidays Sets

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Holidays Sets

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In Q++Studio there are 4 types of Special Dates, which are organized into Holidays Sets :


Recurring Holidays

(usually referred to, simply, as holidays) Dates that are recurrent (ie. come back, usually, every year). Examples are : Christmas (every year on December 25), Mother's Day (second Sunday in May), Good Friday (2 days before Easter).

One-Time Dates

Dates that will occur once only. Examples are "300 days before the year 2000" or "Opening of the XXVth Olympics in Atlanta".


Based on the Catholic saints where every day of the year is associated with a name. For example July 12th is Saint Olivier. In a sense they are the same as some of the holidays rules such as (every year on July 12), but they are treated differently by Q++Studio, since most diary editors treat them differently. The options governing the display of Saints are different than those of Holidays.


(also known as Saints Exceptions) Religious one time dates. They are used to place religious holidays along with or in the place of the current date's saint. For example you might want to show the day's saint every day except on major religious holidays such as Easter. You would then use Easter as a Saints Exception.


Holidays Sets are a filing tool to regroup all these types of special dates that belong together. For example:


A holidays set might be a country such as "Spain". That holidays set would include all the special dates observed in Spain.


A holidays set might be a fictitious "combined" country, such as "QV_Français". In this holidays set you might group all the special dates belonging the Quo Vadis French Edition diaries (which include holidays for France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and French Canada).


Finally a holidays sets does not need to have geographical meaning. A holidays set called "All Religions" might include all the Christian, Muslim, Hebrew and Buddhist religious dates, just as there may be some specific Holidays Sets for your largest customers.

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