Importing Formatted Data

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Importing Formatted Data

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It is possible to import formatted data from an Excel spreadsheet so that the imported data automatically has the proper formatting when viewed in Q++Studio.



To obtain the above result, in the Excel spreadsheet, one would fill the first text column and subsequent ones as follows :



Some remarks on the above example :


The text is broken down so that each cell contains text of the same attributes. In the above example cell A1 is bold, cell B1 is italic and cell C1 is plain.


The formatting attribute must be applied to the entire cell; you cannot format different parts of a cell differently. The examples below show that the correct way to format cells is to select the entire cell and then click on the attribute you wish to apply.



Use the Special Characters Tokens &s and &c to insert line returns in the data. It is important to note that Q++Studio does not insert a line return between the text of each cell. The cells are a way to identify blocks of differently formatted text, not a way to identify separate lines of text.


The number of columns you use can vary. One row may use 5 columns because it contains 5 blocks of differently formattedtext, while the next row may use only one column because all the text it contains is formatted the same way.


Importation of formatted data is available for recurring holidays, one-time-dates and slogans.

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