Importing Slogans from a Text File (TXT)

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Importing Slogans from a Text File (TXT)

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Q++Studio allows you to import Slogans from a text file (possibly supplied by a customer).


To import Slogans, open the Slogans Manager and click on the IMPORT button to the left of the title of the list of Slogans. The Slogan Importation which then appears is made up of 3 different parts.


Text File Location

Located at the top left, it allows you to search for the text file to import. Note that the imported files' names must be of the form *.TXT.

Importation Sequence Options

These correspond to the controls used in the Slogan Editor. When importing "specific date" Slogan Sets you have the option of skipping certain weekdays.

Text File Preview

The text file selected using the "Text File Location" controls is displayed here. This allows you to check that you are importing the right file.



When importing text files into cyclical Slogans Sets, Q++Studio will separate each sequence number by 10. This has no effect of the "flow" of the cycle. However, since sequence numbers are unique, it leaves gaps in the sequence that you can use to re-order Slogans (a bit like a Rubick's Cube).

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