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Index  Error Messages

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Index related messages usually say that a given index does not exist for a given table. This often happens to the local tables when QuarkXPress crashes, destroying one or more of the indexes.


Suggested actions :


If this happens the first time you launch Q++Studio in the morning, there may have been a problem during the nightly database maintenance. You should then use the Restore from Backup module.


If this happens while you have been using Q++Studio for a while, then a temporary network glitch may have caused the database data and index files to be de-synchronized. Try to close Q++Studio and re-start it; that should be enough.


If the above does not solve the problem, use the Database Restructuring, using the rebuild option.


If this error continues to appear, this may be a bug introduced by a recent update. Save the error log to file, and send it to technical support.

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