Indexes for Slogan Tokens must be in 1-15

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Indexes for Slogan Tokens must be in 1-15

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Cause : Q++Studio has noticed that one of the Slogan tokens in the current GridTemplate has an index larger than 15, or equal to zero (recall that the index of a Slogan token comes from its 7th, and possibly, 8th character; ie. a Slogan token of the form [:slog11_xxx] has an index of 11, regardless of the text that follows).


Consequences : This Slogan token will not be associated to any of the 15 allowed slogans tokens in a DiaryGridLine, and will be ignored.


Solutions :


Correct the Token in name.qxd : Opens the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress to let you change token (if you mistakenly typed a [slog12] token instead of a [:slog12], for example).


See also : Slogan Rules, The Slogans Manager, Slogan Token Errors.

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