Initial Conditions

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Initial Conditions

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When Q++ executes a Macro at run-time, all the system variables such as n_TokenDate, n_TokenDayValue, are automatically initialized by Q++ according to the stage of diary generation it has reached.


However, when you test a Macro in the Macros Editor, you are testing in a vacuum. No Script is running to tell Q++ anything at all about the conditions that exist when your macro is called. To carry out meaningful tests, use the TEST|initial conditions menu item to set-up initial conditions that will test the behaviour of your macro as you wish it to be.



Once you have validated the initial conditions, the new values of the system variables are automatically updated in the Watches Window. You can modify these values while you are stepping through your code. The effect of the changes will only affect the next code lines and will not be retroactive. For that reason the use of this possibility is to be treated with caution, as the interpretation of your variable's values could be confused.


These values are saved with your individual preferences. Different users can set these to different values.

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