Inserting or Copying Saras

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Inserting or Copying Saras

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To insert an existing Sara into the list of Saras of the currently displayed SaraSet :


1.Select the Sara in the list under which you want the inserted Sara(s) to be placed.


2.Click on the button at the top of the list of Saras.


3.A dialog appears, listing all the Saras of every SaraSet (even those of coworkers if Q++Studio is shared on a network). Select one or more Saras in the Advanced Data Grid (click here for a descriptive table of the style codes displayed in the Style Search/Change column).


4.When your selection is made, click on the OK button.


Once you are back in the Q++Studio Sara Engine dialog, you can modify the order of the Saras by using the UP and DOWN buttons at the bottom of the list of Saras.

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