Invalid Language Marker

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Invalid Language Marker

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Q++Studio encountered a token which according to the rules of token construction, had an invalid LanguageTag.


This can occur if the second character of a token is a number, making Q++Studio think that the first character is a LanguageTag. For example, in the token below :




the Z and the 4 were mistyped (the token should have been [4Zd=1]), and therefore Q++Studio assumes the character before 4 to be the LanguageTag. But as LanguageTags can only range from a..z (lowercase) it emits this error message.


Note that in the above example, if the incorrect token had been [z4d=1], the present message would not have been generated, however there would have been a design-time message that the template was using one more language (based on the LanguageTag z) than were defined.


Another possible cause for this message would be mistyping a DayValue Marker token such as [*1] instead of [1*].

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