Language ID aNumber does not exist anymore

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Language ID aNumber does not exist anymore

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This message occurs when editing the Languages property. It indicates that when this property was last edited, a Language was selected which is no longer in the languages database. This language will be removed from the list of languages when then the languages property editor appears.


Reference to that language will only be removed from the Script if you click OK to confirm the new languages selection in the property editor.


If you click CANCEL in the property editor, the reference to this language will not be removed from the Script (and you will keep on getting this message). Clicking CANCEL makes sense if you deleted this language by mistake and wish to restore the languages database.


While it is common for Holidays Sets to be deleted, it is far less common to delete languages (changing the name of a language does not modify its ID and therefore would not cause this message). This message may be a sign that your data has been damaged and you may want to inform your Administrator.

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